Dr. Ferdinand Louis Rios is a Family Practice Specialist in Punta Gorda, Florida. He graduated with honors from University Of California, California College Of Medicine in 1978. Having more than 41 years of diverse experiences, especially in family practice, emergency medicine, and sports medicine. Dr. Rios is a renowned surgeon who has served for the United States Army and spent his career serving the public as a board certified MD.

Aside from operations, Dr. Rios was affiliated with the United States Olympic Boxing team as the Medical Director.



Cody was a firefighter for close to three years and worked for the hospital system for another eight. His licenses were mainly in cardiovascular and emergency medicine. Cody was a licensed firefighter, EMT, and has worked alongside numerous physicians in various areas of medicine and preventative health.

Cody received his inspiration for regenerative medicine after several years of seeing athletes and patients given prescription medications to mask the symptoms of an injury or illness. Medicine needs to be treated by the root cause, not the symptoms and this is what the acoustic pressure waves do! They go after the cause of the problem and are a permanent fix that has lasting effects using your own body’s stem cells to repair and regenerate.

I am fortunate enough to have the best staff in the business and I would put them up against anyone in the state. At Gulf Coast Medical Associates, every staff member is highly trained and experienced to carry forth all of our protocols and some. I encourage you to come to the office and see for yourself and enjoy a cup of coffee on us.